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Lidia is amazing and probably all couples say that about their wedding planner so let me be a bit more specific: 1) Lidia has great taste and minimum standards. This means that she brings in the best suppliers (regardless of where you do your wedding) and needs very little instructions on the aesthetics of the event. This doesn't mean she goes for luxurious things, but rather even simple things look good. 2) She is also well organized. Lidia has the timeline in grip, which for a busy couple is really great. 3) Lidia is flexible and accommodating. She really makes sure that all your ideas are translated and integrated into the wedding, which allows for a very personal and authentic event. Lidia also brings her own ideas, which are fresh and great, but of course let's you decide. I can only recommend having her in case you are busy, but are planning to pull off a really special and personal wedding! (+she's also not afraid of playing the bad cop, so it's great when managing suppliers:))