How to make a wedding fun and just a little bit different?


08 Dezember 2017

It's not easy to be truly innovative in a world that is largely traditional. A white dress, somesthing blue, plenty of flowers and voilá - you have a wedding, right? Not really...
Of course, the number one priority for your wedding is to get married. And a close second is to make sure your guests have fun!

It all starts with a solid timeline. The right planning of each element of the program is essential to keep the atmosphere cheerful. Nothing kills a mood like long breaks, awkward pauses, and things that take longer than they should. While an extra-long cocktail hour sounds great, anything longer than 90 minutes can feel dragged out, so give your guests time to enjoy themselves, but get moving on to dinner before it's been too long.

During band breaks, opt for an upbeat playlist that will keep everyone on the dance floor. And as for traditions like toasts, cake cutting and the bouquet toss? Time them right so they're things guests look forward to, instead of interruptions in the fun. 
If you or your guests are uncomfortable, no one will be having a good time. For a wedding in colder months, be sure to have blankets around if any part of the evening is outside.

What else makes weddings fun? Those surprising, unexpected additions that catch guests off guard in a good way. It could be an incredible '80s cover band instead of the usual wedding-music offerings, late-night fireworks, or an unusual midnight snack served on the dance floor. Those aspects of the evening - that are totally you - are the ones guests will remember, and the choices that go above and beyond the usual wedding fare will stop your guests in their tracks and put smiles on their faces.

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